Not-So-Little Anymore

I'm convinced that blessings come in pairs.

Maybe I didn't always believe that while growing up with younger twin brothers (Is there anyone who really has a "perfect" relationship with their siblings?? If there is, I'd love to meet them and hear some pointers!), but I definitely can't imagine my life without their sweet personalities.

Look at these tough guys... I always get the same questions, "Are they really twins?!", "Who's the older one?", "Do they have the same personalities?"

Yes, Patrick (by a minute), No, absolutely not.

It might have taken some convincing and a promise to Taco Bell and ice cream, but I'm still grateful for having "baby" brothers who are willing to let me take their photos in the studio.

I was finally able to get Nick to crack a little "half smile" for this shot.. woo hoo! He's such a great kid, but of course, he'd never let you know that. He turned our dad's garage into his own workshop after finding an old Jimmy John's wooden menu as his workbench, and has this incredible knack for making his own creations out of nothing. He'll be out there working from before the sun is up, until the late hours. It's so important for everyone to have their own escapes.

I couldn't be happier with his.

This blue eyed boy has turned into the most incredible young man. He taught himself how to play the guitar in about a week last summer, and never fails to serenade anyone who's lucky enough to hear his music. Another fun fact about the only blondie in the family, is that he can sell anyone just about anything. He's an incredible salesman at just 16 years old! He wants to go to college to get his degree in Business, and I have no doubt in the world that he will be successful in whatever he decides to do.

Despite being twins who happen to be polar opposites, they still share that special bond that all twins (and siblings) have. I'm truly blessed with the best!

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